Terry Tripp


"I've known pastor Steve for years. I could say many positive things. He preaches with passion. He sings with conviction. However, the one thing that impresses me most is when the sermon has ended, the music has faded and the doors have been closed in church, this man is a giver. He sows above and beyond. On several occasions, pastor Steve has sown generously into my ministry. Why do I highlight this trait? Because it's rare. Steve preaches what he lives. I'm honored to call him friend and brother. Anyone who has the opportunity to experience his ministry will be empowered with faith and hope." 

- Terry 

Dr. Ron Phillips Sr.


"When God was pouring out gifts for ministry Steve McCuin was abundantly blessed. He can sing, write, arrange and compose anointed music...and preach the word of God with power. Steve is a pastor so he understands and knows how to bless the church. It is my joy to commend his ministry to all..."

Pastor Ronnie Phillips Jr.


Steve Mccuin is a marvelous worship leader, pastor, prophetic voice, and family man. I am so blessed to call him a friend. --Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr.

Ken Hartley


In a world where many pastors are "tickling ears" and telling people what they want to hear, Pastor Steve McCuin stands out as a man of God who tells us what we need to hear: the truth of God's word! He is as genuine and real as they come and I have grown because of our association. He is as good as his word and loves the Lord and his family. Our church has been blessed by his ministry in music many times. I highly recommend his ministry in preaching and song to you and your organization. 

Ken Hartley
Associate Pastor for Leadership and Worship
Abba's House

Archbishop Ken McNatt


Pastor Steve McCuin is an incredible gift to the Body Of Christ. His music and ministry inspire faith for miracles. His life experience is clothed with wisdom. His love for God, His Church and Pastors is genuine. 

It's a joy to recommend his ministry to anyone anywhere that desires a voice and not echo to minister for them. His is my friend. He'll be yours too.

Kingdom Blessings,

Archbishop Ken McNatt 

Global Harvest International Fellowship 

King's Pasture Christian Center 

Dr. Larry Hinson


As a former Pastor and a present Evangelist, I can say without reservation that Pastor Steve McCuin is both powerful and relevant with the message he carries for today's church community. You would be highly blessed to include him on your church's agenda! 

-Dr. Larry Hinson ThD. D.D.

Senator Jason Rapert


"Pastor Steve McCuin is a breath of fresh air to the body of Christ. He's seasoned, sincere and real. During a time when so many have embraced a gospel message devoid of real truth, Steve remembers the Biblical directive that we are to be "salt and light" - sharing God's love but also declaring immutable truths. He's gifted as a preacher and musician - I'm certain he will bless you!"